InnovaTorr is a proud distributor of Bioinicia in the US and Canada. Bioinicia is a brand dedicated to the development and manufacturing of equipment to generate novel materials, including nanomaterials. 

Electrospinning and electrospraying are among the techniques most commonly employed by Bioinicia in the preparation of materials, and they constitute unique platforms through which superior products have been delivered to our partners. Bioinicia is specialized in multi-axial, multicomponent fiber and particle production thanks to our proprietary emitter designs that are at the core of all Fluidnatek equipment.

Bioinicia offers a line of materials manufacturing equipment that scales from table-top equipment for the lab space to fully automated equipment for industrial manufacturing. All equipment is functionally identical, i.e. manufacturing recipes developed on a table-top R&D system are guaranteed to run and produce identical results on the industrial system (FULL SCALABILITY FROM LAB TO FAB).

Fluidnatek® eStretching Equipment

Fluidnatek® LE 10 Benchtop Laboratory Tool is ideal for proof-of-concept and feasibility studies of new materials and formulations. Built to fit into small lab spaces, LE 10’s ergonomic design and ease of use allows for an efficient workflow. 

Fluidnatek® LE 100 Advanced R&D Tool is the equipment of choice for customers working on advanced development projects, where wider capabilities, tighter process control and larger sample sizes are key. Its larger chamber size and wide range of customization options make this the ultimate flexible tool for R&D activities.

Fluidnatek® LE 500 Pilot Line Production Tool is the ideal machine for when you need pre-production volumes of production-quality materials, enabling you to carry out beta releases and other pre-market introduction activities. The LE 500 can also be configured as an R&D tool, providing the flexibility needed for developments all the way from concept up to pilot-scale production.